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I GOT A TESTIMONY Tees (TM) is a Christ-based apparel line that seeks to encourage the body of Christ with messages that testify to the greatness of our God and the power of His Word. Our slogans, phrases and statements are rooted in the Christian experience of who God is and what He declares in the Scriptures.  

Each garment speaks a word intended to prompt praise to the Lord, inspire a moment of reflection, celebrate a divine promise or stimulate an act of kindness. Scripture calls us to exhort each other to do good works, so our I GOT A TESTIMONY Tees (TM) are geared to works of righteousness that glorify our God.  

Since I GOT A TESTIMONY Tees (TM) affirms the holiness of God’s name, our products will not bear any specific references to His name as they appear in Scripture. We believe any commercial, for-profit use of the proper names God assigns to Himself violates His commandment of not taking His name in vain.  

I GOT A TESTIMONY Tees (TM) also will refrain from designing any images that attempt to portray God. Because He is holy other than anything He created, we want to remind believers He remains high and lifted up and always in full demand of our complete reverence.  

Neither will I GOT A TESTIMONY Tees (TM) use the cross in any of its products for purchase. The symbol of our salvation stands alone as the most powerful emblem of God’s love, grace and mercy for humankind, and Jesus Christ chose to give Himself to the cross to atone for the sins of the world. We believe the cross should remain free of any price tag.  

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